Sunday, February 14, 2010


In early January we were able to escape the cold and visit Grammy and Joe in Pheonix. The weather was picture perfect and we spent every moment we could outside.

4 years-old

We celebrated Soren's 4th birthday in Pheonix, Az with Grammy and Joe. Soren had a "racecar" birthday party - this entailed watching the movie Cars, eating a "Cars" cake, getting a "Cars" book and a HannyManny racecar for his gifts. I think Soren's face in these pictures says it all. He was delighted. I love the picture of him with his hands on his face- this was taken when we sang happy birthday to him, I think he felt like he was going to burst.

more winter fun...

Oh my dear Ingrid. I think she must have been some sort of jungle cat in her former life because she is simply wild and independent. She loves her red, patent leather boots - she screams for them and puts them on by herself. She insists upon wearing a dress, with a sweater and coat with pockets (all at the same time!) She loves being "cozy" (her word) in a big chair, with a big book (usually upside down). She is crazy about Soren, who she calls "Soonie." She'll say "come eeer Soonie!!" But while she is wild (and sometimes fierce) she is so cuddly with me and still such a baby. I love it.

Winter images

The snow around our house is approximately 4 feet tall, the drifts on the curbs are taller than our car. Soren and I were playing a word game the other night...we made up things we "wished" the snow would turn into - such as a white fluffy cloud we could run through, a soft white pillow we could rest on, a big warm blanket, ice cream we could eat. Although we have been forced inside most of the time, we've stayed pretty busy and I am too pooped out at night to update my blog. These pictures show some of our winter activities: drinking warm beverages, bundling up in layers of clothing, looking out the window at Daddy shoveling snow off our roof, reading, reading, and more reading. Dressing up in funny costumes, putting on puppet shows, dancing wildly around the living room and running laps around the house are other things we do... the weather does amazing things for our creativity.

Christmas 2009

Soren discusses his options with Santa...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

18 months old

Ingrid turned 18 months old December 4th. Half way to 2 years-old, I cannot believe it. She understands so much and can say so many words, I am astounded by her on a hourly basis.

Christmas is coming!

Ingrid has learned how to say "cheese" when you take her picture...which is what she is clearly saying in this photo.