Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family picture

Chris and I were dressed up to go out so we thought we should take a picture!

Miss Valentine and Mr Dish

These are some pictures of Ingrid after her first haircut. I personally trimmed her bangs and think she looks so pretty. Now you can see her face!

The picture of Soren is one I took of him when he was pretending to be the "dish" that ran away with the spoon. His new thing is nursery rhymes, he has at least 12 songs memorized. I love listening to his sweet voice sing the songs. Unfortunately, this is very hard to get on video because he will not perform if he thinks someone WANTS him to sing. His favorite nursery rhymes are "Hey Diddle Diddle" and "Little Boy Blue." The last two days he has requested to wear the same blue sweater so that he can pretend to be "little boy blue." He has decided that the closet is his "haystack" and he uses a toy saxaphone as his "horn." He has spent much time lying down, pretending to sleep, inside the closet!

Good times with Miss Sugarsnap and Mr Worker

Most recently Ingrid has been having a grand time playing in her "garden." A plus for me is that it keeps her occupied, as she is on the move now. She has started a sort of military crawl, combined with rolling on the floor, which gets her wherever she wants to go. Just yesterday she went from lying on the ground to sitting up on her own. I went into her room in the morning to get her out of bed and there she was, sitting straight up in bed. I think she was as surprised as I was! Soren continues to enjoy pretending to be various this picture he is a "worker."

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday morning fun

These are just some random pictures from this morning. Ingrid has fully recovered from her first bad cold. Over the weekend, Chris took Soren out to the Greenway Days at Lincoln Park, Soren tried on his first pair of x-country skiies, and loved it. Our next task is to get him going on some ice skates. I also tried my first go at x-country skiing. Chris and I went out in the evening, they had set up candles to mark the trail, it was beautiful. I hope to do it again soon!

Grandpa Don's visit

We had a great visit with Grandpa Don! He came just in time because Ingrid had her first bad cold. This meant that he could get outside with Soren, while I cared for her at home. (The weather has warmed up a bit, so we would have been stuck inside, if not for his visit). Grandpa Don took Soren to storytime, open gym, the sledding hill, the ice rink and the playground at Lincoln Park. Soren played so hard each night at dinner he could barely keep his eyes open! All that great fresh air was so good for him, especially after being cooped up inside for the past month. Ingrid also had fun playing with Grandpa Don (when she wasn't getting her nose wiped : (

Miss Punky-Pie

I cannot resist sculpting Ingrid's hair in the tub, too much fun! Here's some pics of Ingrid cuddling with Chris...smooch, smooch.

Firefighter Small

Ingrid thought she'd join in the firefighting fun around our house and tried on Soren's hat. I thought she looked so cute all decked out in red. Her cheeks are especially delicious in these pictures. I love how happy she is to hold a book.

Traveling to Mars

Long winter days certainly bring out our creative side! I had a big box, so I cut out a door and a window and turned into a spaceship. I found a papersack and fashioned it into a sort of space suit (note the American flag on the front). Finally, the hat (or space helmet) is made from newspaper. This lasted us an entire day of entertainment. Soren would open and close the door, stand inside and say, "I'm off to Mars!"