Monday, November 2, 2009

Trip home from Lake Itaska

We took a weekend trip to Lake Itaska State Park and stayed in the hostel there.  It was a chili weekend, but the fall colors were amazing and we made our fun by taking a snow hike, climbing on top of bunk beds and running down the hostel hallway. This is a picture of Soren and Ingrid enjoying their books on the short trip home. 

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Besides pretending to be superman, Soren has also turned our living room into a hockey rick, including zamboni and penalty box. This is a picture of him in his jersey and helmet.

Ingrid impresses me with her ability to get comfortable, she loves to wrap a blanket around her (she does this by herself) and sit with a book.

Happy Halloween!

Soren checks out his goodies...

Pumpkin Patch

A beautiful day at the pumpkin patch!


Halloween starts early for us! Soren's been wearing his costume since the beginning of October. I love the way Ingrid is looking at him in this picture.


October started off with a visit from Grammy. These are pictures of Grammy and Ingrid enjoying some quality snuggle time. Grammy brought this adorable piggy-bank for Soren (including a red-scarf which he requested).