Saturday, December 12, 2009

18 months old

Ingrid turned 18 months old December 4th. Half way to 2 years-old, I cannot believe it. She understands so much and can say so many words, I am astounded by her on a hourly basis.

Christmas is coming!

Ingrid has learned how to say "cheese" when you take her picture...which is what she is clearly saying in this photo.

dress-up days

The post-halloween costumes I bought from a thrift store seem to be paying off... Ingrid and Soren are pretending to be dogs in a pet store in these pictures.

Clown A an Clown B

I realized, after looking over the pictures I'm posting today, that these show how Soren and Ingrid are engaging with each other. They are playing with each other more and have little conversations now that Ingrid is talking.