Monday, May 25, 2009

Are we having fun yet?

There were days, probably in April, when I started wondering if leaves would ever appear back on the trees. I reminded myself that when we moved here in July, yes, the trees were green, there was no snow, it melts, warmer weather will come. Well, it finally has. It is a beautiful time of year here. No bugs, little wind, no snow, 72 degrees, blue sky. Flowers do grow here. We have spent the last few weeks getting to know our backyard all over again. The clothesline has been hung, we planted sunflower seeds and started our vegetable garden. Our bikes have been dusted off and visits to the local playground an every day event. One thing I'll say for the winters here, it helps so you never take a beautiful day for granted again.

Soren in a tux

Last weekend we celebrated Uncle Erik and Aunt Cortney's wedding!! Soren was the ring bearer and did a great job! He loved wearing the tuxedo. We offered to have him change clothes, but he insisted that he should keep it on, saying that he like his "shiny black shoes." Soren and Ingrid loved seeing Grandma and Grandpa Gjesfjeld - and Soren especially enjoyed catching up with his wonderful cousins, Amelia and Justin.

Big Baby

As Ingrid's birthday approaches I've been thinking a lot about where we were a year ago. Our time in Pittsburgh was ending, while at the same time this new life was about to begin. A baby girl's life, I could not have imagined her in a million years. Each day waiting for Ingrid's "due date" was so long and I was impatient for her birth. Finally, when she decided it was time, she came like a sudden summer storm, like a force of nature and then she landed softly in my arms. Everything with Ingrid has been like this, assertive, spunky, determined...while at the same time warm, tender and sweet.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Hiiii" and "Bye Bye"

These are just some random pictures of us over the last few weeks. Ingrid turned 11th months old on May 4th...this is her in her "big girl" car seat. She LOVES sitting next to Soren and holding his hand. Ingrid has started saying a few words, much to my amazement, Soren said nothing until around 18months! She says "hi," "bye-bye", kitty cat (sounds like "kitkit") and "yes" "don't" and "dada" for Daddy. So smart!!
We took a trip to Turtle River State Park, it's only twenty minutes away and lovely. We made some family memories when Mommy got her feet soaked in a deep mud puddle and Soren picked up deer poop - he laughed so hard there was no sound coming out of his mouth for two whole minutes, I swear! There is also a picture of Soren at the Schriner's circus...pretty mesmerizing.

Happy Mother's Day!

Finally! The bikes, stroller and wagon can come out from hibernation for our enjoyment. Since the warmer weather has melted away the snow we have been outside every day. These are a couple pictures of Soren and his friend (and neighbor) Cody. I also took a couple pictures of Ingrid and Soren sharing a wagon ride. We are so lucky to have two playgrounds in walking distance from our house.
Besides playing outside and soaking up much needed Vitamin D from the sunshine - Soren's most recent adventures include his facination with nursery rhymes. He has memorized probably over 20 rhymes - his favorite is definately Humpty Dumpty. He'll pretend he is Humpty and falling off his "wall" over and over again. He also loves Jack and Jill and will pretend to be Jack falling down our "hill" outside (I am often Jill, tumbling after him!) One day he was acting out Little Boy Blue, and he said to me, "I'll be Little Boy Blue, you be The Cows in the Corn." On our most recent visit to the library, I hit the jackpot by finding all the mother goose books and brought home over a dozen nursery rhyme books. I love listening to Soren recite the little rhymes and songs during his rest time - he doesn't know I can hear him and his voice is so sweet, I wish I could bottle it up and save it forever.