Saturday, July 26, 2008

Soren's garden

Soren's favorite spot in the backyard is this patch of dirt behind our shed. This spot is his pretend garden, we poke around in the dirt with sticks (gardening tools) and he says "I'm a worker!!" or we build "butterfly houses" out of twigs and leaves.  Although it's not a real garden, it's a fertile place for imagination.  

More Ingrid Pics


I've noticed that Ingrid is really sensitive to noises. Especially to Soren's voice, she seems to perk up when he's around and cries whenever he cries.  She is very responsive to our faces... Chris and I make all kinds of noises and expressions just to see her light up. 

Ingrid's ready for her close-up : )

Ingrid's about 7 1/2 weeks here.  She loves to be held and is quite cuddly.  We could tell by the size of her lovely cheeks that she is growing well, but it was made official today when we found out that she weighs a whopping 12lbs.
Soren's had a cold this week.  Yesterday we sat in the "reading chair" and looked at books all day long.  Wrapped up in his favorite blanket, he held on to his "Corderoy" teddy bear and looked at one book after another.  This picture was taken after a dose of Tylenol... you can see he's back to his old-self.

Soren says "hello" to his Grandparents

Goodnight Ingrid

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sweet sleeping Ingrid.  

She made quite the journey from Pittsburgh to North Dakota!  

For the most part, we've found adjusting to Grand Forks quite easy.  Maybe it's because we both grew up in Midwestern college towns similar to here.  We miss our friends and familiar places we grew to know over our time in Pittsburgh - such as Frick Park, Sixth Pres., the Co-op (basically a decent grocery store).  But we've found that we're appreciative of the clean air and quite neighborhood (we don't miss the loud trains, horns and sirens outside).  GF has a great Saturday  farmer's market, a wonderful bakery (we've already become regulars there), and an expansive trail system along the Red River - Chris says it's a runner's dream.    We've also found that the summer weather here is very pleasant.  We are not hot weather people, so the 75 degree temps work for us.  I've started attending a breast feeding support group and an Attachment Parenting Support group - in an attempt to make connections, and hopefully meet a friend.   So far so good, we'll keep you posted . . . 

I see a smile!  Baby Ingrid at about 5 weeks.

Chris and Soren on their bikes in the backyard.  We arrived in Grand Forks on the 4th of July.  My parents drove me, Soren and Ingrid from Blm-Normal, IL.  It was a very long journey, but the children did great and we were all happy to be reunited in Grand Forks.  Chris' family did a wonderful job getting the house set up and ready for us.  You can see the back of our new house in the background of the picture.  
Great-Grandpa Boyd holding Ingrid.
Grandpa Joe and Ingrid study each other.
Aunt Rachel and Ingrid relax.
Soren having the best time with his cousins, Maclean, Madelyn and Jackson.  They're wearing homemade party hats made for Great-Grandma Joyce's birthday.
Aunt Shelly holding Ingrid.
Great-Grandma Joyce on her 90th birthday holding Ingrid.
Grandpa Don holding Ingrid for the first time.  Chris and his Dad worked extremely hard packing up and cleaning our apartment.  Thanks to Don's hard work we got our entire deposit back!!! 
This is our sweet baby, Ingrid.  Grammy is doing the honors of holding her.  We couldn't resist putting a baby bonnet on her little head.  
We left Pittsburgh on June 21st.  Soren, Ingrid and I flew from Pittsburgh to Chicago.  Overall, traveling went well - although Soren did figure out how to unlatch his seatbelt on the plane.  This meant that I had to hold him down with one hand while nursing Ingrid.  We spent the next two weeks at my parent's house in Blm-Normal, seeing family and getting to know Ingrid.  
This is a picture of Soren on his trike at my parent's house. He had a wonderful time spending time with Joe and Grammy.