Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Children's Museum

One of our favorite places in Pittsburgh!  Soren makes a beeline straight for this little car every time we visit.  I think this time he knocked over a few kids twice his size.  He was not going to budge.  He also enjoys the water exhibit, especially since yellow raincoats and boats are involved.  We have a tradition of visiting the museum with our good friends Angela, Tyler and Wes.  (Tyler is the blondey in the blue shirt). 

the babysitter

Soren really loves it when Megan comes over to "play" with him.  

Dr. Gjesfjeld

Graduation Day arrives! Woohoo!

Mount Washington

We took Soren and Grandma Kathy up the "incline" to catch a beautiful view of Pittsburgh and enjoyed some ice cream too.  Soren loved the ride up  and yelled out "all aboard!!"
Grandma Kathy and Soren bond over books.

Fort Gjesfjeld

No nap today?  Let's build a fort!  

Spring in Frick Park

We let Soren play (for a very long time) with a stick in Frick Park.  He told us he was in his "garden,"  the stick was his shovel. 

Andrea at Storytime

I took these pictures for Soren's "Moving Book" to help him remember special people from his life in Pittsburgh.  This is, Andrea, the storytime lady.    The theme of storytime that day was about hats, so it was right up Soren's alley!  Notice the blue hat he made at craft time.  

Music Together

Soren loves Miss Karen from his Music Together Class.  

Soren at the Pittsburgh Zoo

Soren checking out the elephants at the zoo.   He talked about this visit for days, saying that the animals were a "little scary."  I think he was uncertain as to why the animals were real, instead of living in his books.