Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Hoops

Tonight we visited the UND basketball arena for a halloween party... we went with our friends, Jessica and Andrew - this is a pic of their little boy, Marek.  

There was some basketball to watch, a costume contest, autographs signed, and of course candy.  It's been fun to watch how seriously Soren is taking Halloween... he has been wearing his fire fighter costume on a daily basis and insists at times that we call him "fireman." He seemed to really enjoy getting the basketball player's autographs and was very selective in picking out the candy he put in his pumpkin bucket.  Ingrid made the perfect baby elephant. 

new toy

This is Ingrid's new favorite spot.  I think she looks quite pleased with herself!


Although today it was 67 degrees, it snowed last weekend.  Soren asked us if he could go out in the snow, he was excited to put on his new boots, hat and mittens... he did not want to come back inside. 

Ingrid pics

Ingrid will be 5 months old next week!  She weighs in at 17lbs... she is the cutest and possibly the easiest baby ever : ) she is super laidback and  is (thankfully) a very good sleeper.  She takes a super long nap in the afternoon and sleeps thru the night as well, she likes to fall asleep lying on her tummy, while sucking her thumb.  She is excellent at grabbing, babbling and rolling over. 

Ingrid and Daddy

It's been awhile since my last post...sorry Grandparents!  These are a couple of pics of Ingrid and Chris having fun.  Ingrid is so easy to make laugh, she gets an especial kick out of watching Soren play and likes to see us dance around the living room.  

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ingrid's baptism

Ingrid was baptized on Sunday! Chris' parents and sister, Kim, her husband Tom and their kids, Amelia and Justin drove up for the celebration. Kim and Tom were kind enough to agree to be Ingrid's sponsors. Kim brought Ingrid THE most beautiful dress, she was simply angelic on her special day. The ceremony was lovely and we all had tears in our eyes. Soren loved seeing his cousins and playing with them. Grammy made us all a marvelous brunch. I loved having everyone in our home, it was so much fun! THANK YOU to our amazing, wonderful family for coming so far and celebrating with us on Ingrid's special day.
More pictures of Ingrid's baptism will be posted later - unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries right after I took this picture of Ingrid with her Grandma Kathy.


Grammy went along with us to all the fun places we've discovered so far in Grand Forks - these are a couple pictures from storytime at the library.

Sleepy pumpkin

My little pumpkin fell asleep at the patch - she had a good nap in the cool Fall air.

Hay maze

Fun in the hay maze!

Pumpkin Patch

Grammy, Soren, Ingrid and I walked to a local pumpkin patch and I let Soren pick out a pumpkin for himself and Ingrid. There was a hay-maze that Soren enjoyed running around and climbing on...

Soren and Grammy

Grammy taught Soren a matching game and probably read over 100 books to Soren (giving me a wonderful break!!).

Joe and Soren

I love these pictures of Soren and my Dad...Soren was so delighted to have Joe and Grammy come visit, we were fortunate to have some beautiful Fall days during my parent's visit.

Grammy and Joe's Visit

YEAH! Grammy and Joe arrived for a visit on October 1st. These are pictures of Joe giving Soren some golfing tips, take notice of the adorable putter, just Soren's size. During their visit, Joe worked hard on sprucing up the outside of our house (it looks great!) and Grammy helped organize Ingrid's ever changing closet of clothes. We miss them already!!