Friday, January 23, 2009

Our couch is a fire truck

Okay, so we're back to firefighters...Soren's been a mailman, a hockey player, a teacher a doctor and now Big Frank has returned to the house. He's turned our couch into a fire truck. Notice the "wheels" (my pot lids) at the bottom of the couch/truck. The small lid under the couch/truck is the "engine" and he's using a small lid as his steering wheel. He is using the bottom of my blender as the ignitition for his key. My moby wrap (the long white thing) is the fire hose, the laundry baskets are the steps into the truck... Corderoy Bear is also a fire fighter and has his own fire house, the belt of my bathrobe. Ingrid's bumbo chair is his driver's seat. He plays on this every spare moment...I will over hear him saying "step on the gas," "fire fighter to the rescue" and then of course, loud siren noises..."WhoooWhooo!!!" Soren found all these things around the house on his own, except for the moby and bathrobe belt (those were my ideas).

Miss Pigeon Puff

These pictures of Ingrid in her purple P.J.'s were taken the other night when were waiting for her tire out and go to sleep! But, as you can see, she's awake as ever. She loves to roll around on the floor. She is quite acrobatic and can roll very fast, so I cannot leave her for a second. The expression on her face is "so Ingrid," she is just a confident, fun, good-time girl!

Birthday Party

These are some pictures of the little party we had after all the fun at the firehouse. I made Soren a chocolate cake - topped, of course, with a tiny fire truck. I love Ingrid in a party hat...and her girlfriend Malina too! Soren and Marek have really become good little buddies, they play so well together.

Big Frank's Birthday Cont.

The fire fighter showed Soren and Marek how he puts on his gear from head to toe. Soren "helped" out by handing him his gloves and helmet. He then told the fire fighter to get in the truck and as you can see, he did!

Big Franks Birthday Cont.

More pictures of Soren taking in the firehouse. The little cutie-pie with him is his good buddy, Marek. I love the picture of Soren talking to the fire fighter (he's the battalion chief), Soren kept asking him "where's the fire chief?" and he would answer him, "well, I'm the battalion chief, is that good enough for ya?" I'm sure it was. We'd read so many books about fire stations and fire fighters, Soren felt right at home.

Big Franks Birthday

Big Frank is 3!! We celebrated Soren's birthday by visiting our local fire station. The fire fighters were so very generous in showing us around the station and giving Soren the time of his life! He touched every part of the truck, watched the fire fighters put on their gear and we got to see the truck turn on it's siren/lights and pull out of the garage. Soren asked so many questions - like "where's the fire bell?" "where's the chief?" "do you have a fire dog?" and "can I go down your fire pole." (They didn't have a pole, but he didn't seem too disappointed). Our friends, the Knight family, joined for the field trip and then we all returned to our house for dinner and cake.

Dr. Gjesfjeld

Grammy's present came just in time!  On a cold day here, after we'd already been indoors way too long - Grammy's gift arrived at the door.  It included surgeon scrubs, hat and all the necessary medical equipment.  We set up a "hospital" using pillow cases as beds and various "sick" stuffed animals as patients. 

back at the blog...

Well, after much searching, I found my "doo-dadd" that allows me to upload pictures to my blog.  I found it in the pocket of my warmest sweater, I should have known!  Anyway, tons has happened since my last update - Christmastime seems like ages ago.  Soren's had his birthday and is now our big 3  year-old, Ingrid grew two teeth and we've experienced (and survived) our first blizzards and sub-zero temps.    These are some pics I took of Ingrid and Soren after dinnertime one night.  Ingrid is sitting in our old high chair and has started eating some solid food, she loves her cereal, but isn't too crazy about much else at this point.