Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making Happy Little Trees

Soren is interested in music, language, books, pretending, building with legos, climbing and anything with wheels. But holding a crayon, no way, he would rather not and usually ends up pretending that the crayons are little people talking to each other. I've witnessed him tossing the crayons I've offered him up into the air yelling, "see the people falling!!!" So, I've had to get a little creative with finding mediums that will hold Soren's interest...finger painting seemed to do the trick on one beautiful afternoon. After swirling the paint all over the paper, we took some little trucks and made tracks through the paint, he sat and did this for an HOUR! Afterwards I got out the sidewalk chalk and we drew a road with houses along the sides for his trucks to cruise on.

Early September

We've had a beautiful September here -it still feels like summertime, although the school buses we spot, chilly mornings and night coming earlier each night tells us different. We've started back at our Fall routine, each day we have an activity with other Moms/Kids, whether it be storytime, playgroups or ECFE. Both Ingrid and Soren are taking swimming lessons at the YMCA. Chris and I make an effort to get out for runs, we're both aware that the opportunity to take a run outside will come to an end way before we're ready.

Miss SugarSnap

I took these pictures of Ingrid after church last Sunday. She looked absolutely precious in this dress with the little cardigan, white tights and black mary-jane shoes. Her hair has changed so much in the last month, every time I look at her it's a bit different, looking more reddish and lighter. After I took these pictures we went inside, put on our comfy clothes and took a nap.