Sunday, September 21, 2008



A picture and video of Ingrid enjoying her bath!

Miss Blue Bell

Ingrid found her thumb! She is in all her glory when she's sucking her thumb, she makes this funny noise as she munches away at her little thumb, it sounds like "hummhummhumm," sometimes becoming rather high pitched, it must taste pretty good. Ingrid also made a friend! Her name is Malina and they are only a week apart.

Is it Halloween yet?

Soren is already excited about Halloween - he found his costume from last year and had fun running around has Tigger... we even took it outside and he made a couple trips down his slide in this get-up. He says that this year he'd like to be The Cat in the Hat for Halloween - or a cowboy, or a fire man, or a mailman, or a chef...

Little Swimmer

Okay, so this is kind of a strange picture, but I had to put it up for all the grandparents...(I took the picture through glass). This is Chris and Soren at their swim lesson. Soren gets braver every time and has a smile on his face throughout the lesson.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Miss Pink Pants

Ingrid showing us how good she is at rolling over!

Happy Anniversary!

Love is in the air...
Today (Sept. 14th) is our 6th Anniversary! To celebrate we indulged ourselves with a delicious chocolate cake from our favorite bakery.

Autumn's arrival

Soren had fun "helping" Chris in the yard on Sunday.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Soren and Ingrid

So it seems that we have settled into somewhat of a routine around here.  The fall semester at UND is in full-swing now and Chris is very busy preparing for his classes, joining committees and establishing his research.  He has started taking Soren to swimming lessons in the evening at the YMCA.  Soren is not so sure he wants to get his head wet and says the water is "too cold." But,  each time he goes he's a bit more confident.  It's a nice time for them.  I'm enjoying my days tremendously with Ingrid and Soren. They are simply a delight.  We have found a good rhythm to our days, and I get such pleasure out organizing our weeks and finding fun things to do.  In these pictures Soren is hugging Ingrid so tight, I was a little worried, but she really didn't seem to mind.  

rolling around

Ingrid is 3 months old now. She rolled over for the first time on September 10th! When she rolls onto her tummy, she does a sort of yoga "boat" pose with her head and feet extended. A natural yogi!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

stroller duo

It was a beautiful day here in Grand Forks, not a cloud in the sky and 68 degrees... my kind of weather! We just bought this stroller, and it's the best. The designers must have talked to a million moms with toddlers, who all said, "my kid needs choices!!" It's so fun to ask Soren, "would you like to sit or stand in ther stroller??" He always votes for stand, and of course pretends he is driving. He also loves that he gets to look at Ingrid and she smiles at him our entire route. Today we walked to our new church to drop off some paperwork and then to a nearby playground.

Monday, September 1, 2008

the bumbo

Soren loves it when Ingrid sits in her Bumbo seat. I think it makes him feel like she is playing with him. Once in awhile I'll explain to him that Ingrid will grow and will want to play with him all the time. He seems very pleased abou this. I love listening to him talk to her. When he does, his voice gets really high and he says things like "Look at me Ingwid!" and "You have little feet, you're a baaaybeee." It's so much fun to watch their sibling relationship unfold.

Our Little Tulip

What more can I say? Ingrid is the cutest baby ever : )

Our House

This pictures is for Grandma Doris, as she requested a picture of our house.