Monday, July 21, 2008

Sweet sleeping Ingrid.  

She made quite the journey from Pittsburgh to North Dakota!  

For the most part, we've found adjusting to Grand Forks quite easy.  Maybe it's because we both grew up in Midwestern college towns similar to here.  We miss our friends and familiar places we grew to know over our time in Pittsburgh - such as Frick Park, Sixth Pres., the Co-op (basically a decent grocery store).  But we've found that we're appreciative of the clean air and quite neighborhood (we don't miss the loud trains, horns and sirens outside).  GF has a great Saturday  farmer's market, a wonderful bakery (we've already become regulars there), and an expansive trail system along the Red River - Chris says it's a runner's dream.    We've also found that the summer weather here is very pleasant.  We are not hot weather people, so the 75 degree temps work for us.  I've started attending a breast feeding support group and an Attachment Parenting Support group - in an attempt to make connections, and hopefully meet a friend.   So far so good, we'll keep you posted . . . 

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