Sunday, August 17, 2008

Grand Forks Public Library

Soren and I loved Pittsburgh's libraries. Our favorite was the Carnegie Library in Oakland. It was so bright, cheery and always air conditioned. We'd grab a muffin from the cafe and play at the train table or grab a pile of books and settle into one of their very comfy couches. We also had a weekly routine of visiting our neighborhood library in Edgewood. We were close enought to walk over and enjoy storytime every Tuesday morning. The same crew of Moms and kids would show up. Soren loved the librarian, Andrea. Since we were sort of attached to our libraries in Pittsburgh, I was nervous about what we'd find in Grand Forks. It turns out that there are two libraries here, one in North Dakota and the other in East Grand Forks (the Minnesota side). The library in ND is close to where we live, not walking distance, but I'm not walking far anyway with two little ones now. Unfortunately, I found that the storytime at the Grand Forks Library is poorly done. But, it has a huge pirate ship for climbing on and a fire engine to sit in (big plus for Soren!) The East Grand Forks Library has an awesome storytime, so we'll be venturing to the Minneapolis side of the Red River, once these start up again after Labor Day. These are pictures of Soren enjoying what the Grand Forks library has to offer, I think he looks pretty satisified.

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