Thursday, December 18, 2008


Soren has many jobs...firefighter, hockey player - and now, mailman.  We have had to get pretty creative around here over the last week because, well, it's cold...not just a little, but very cold - basically hovering around negative 10 degrees over the last three days.  So, we've been stuck indoors.  We also experienced our first blizzard, which was kind of exciting actually and gave us the opportunity to finish up those christmas cards.  These pictures show Soren pretending to be a mailman.  In the picture where he's sitting down, he is sitting in his "mailtruck" and driving with his steering wheel (a.k.a. my pot lid).  He is cleaning his mail truck in his other picture.  I set up a bunch of boxes (or mailboxes) with various shapes on them and then he would "deliver" my letters and packages.  He loves going back and forth and putting things in their "proper" locations.  Anyway, I have felt myself going stir crazy once in awhile with this weather, especially when I consider the long winter ahead of us.  My strategy is to stay in the moment with Soren and really engage in his play - when I do this time flies. 

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thamesarino said...

I love "seeing" Soren in the midst of his play... I love that Sophia is maturing in her ability to have longer and longer periods of unattended(by me) play time now... she gets completely engrossed in this whole make-beleive world...I love it!
...and Roscoe just adores her and follows her around trying to play with her..they love each other so's fun when they get to play together...just another thing for you to look forward to!! : )