Friday, January 23, 2009

Our couch is a fire truck

Okay, so we're back to firefighters...Soren's been a mailman, a hockey player, a teacher a doctor and now Big Frank has returned to the house. He's turned our couch into a fire truck. Notice the "wheels" (my pot lids) at the bottom of the couch/truck. The small lid under the couch/truck is the "engine" and he's using a small lid as his steering wheel. He is using the bottom of my blender as the ignitition for his key. My moby wrap (the long white thing) is the fire hose, the laundry baskets are the steps into the truck... Corderoy Bear is also a fire fighter and has his own fire house, the belt of my bathrobe. Ingrid's bumbo chair is his driver's seat. He plays on this every spare moment...I will over hear him saying "step on the gas," "fire fighter to the rescue" and then of course, loud siren noises..."WhoooWhooo!!!" Soren found all these things around the house on his own, except for the moby and bathrobe belt (those were my ideas).

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