Sunday, February 22, 2009

Miss Valentine and Mr Dish

These are some pictures of Ingrid after her first haircut. I personally trimmed her bangs and think she looks so pretty. Now you can see her face!

The picture of Soren is one I took of him when he was pretending to be the "dish" that ran away with the spoon. His new thing is nursery rhymes, he has at least 12 songs memorized. I love listening to his sweet voice sing the songs. Unfortunately, this is very hard to get on video because he will not perform if he thinks someone WANTS him to sing. His favorite nursery rhymes are "Hey Diddle Diddle" and "Little Boy Blue." The last two days he has requested to wear the same blue sweater so that he can pretend to be "little boy blue." He has decided that the closet is his "haystack" and he uses a toy saxaphone as his "horn." He has spent much time lying down, pretending to sleep, inside the closet!

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Jenny said...

Hi Joan
Zane and Erin told me about your blog. I'm commenting on this one because we have the same little play garden that you have Ingrid playing in.