Friday, September 12, 2008

Soren and Ingrid

So it seems that we have settled into somewhat of a routine around here.  The fall semester at UND is in full-swing now and Chris is very busy preparing for his classes, joining committees and establishing his research.  He has started taking Soren to swimming lessons in the evening at the YMCA.  Soren is not so sure he wants to get his head wet and says the water is "too cold." But,  each time he goes he's a bit more confident.  It's a nice time for them.  I'm enjoying my days tremendously with Ingrid and Soren. They are simply a delight.  We have found a good rhythm to our days, and I get such pleasure out organizing our weeks and finding fun things to do.  In these pictures Soren is hugging Ingrid so tight, I was a little worried, but she really didn't seem to mind.  

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