Wednesday, September 3, 2008

stroller duo

It was a beautiful day here in Grand Forks, not a cloud in the sky and 68 degrees... my kind of weather! We just bought this stroller, and it's the best. The designers must have talked to a million moms with toddlers, who all said, "my kid needs choices!!" It's so fun to ask Soren, "would you like to sit or stand in ther stroller??" He always votes for stand, and of course pretends he is driving. He also loves that he gets to look at Ingrid and she smiles at him our entire route. Today we walked to our new church to drop off some paperwork and then to a nearby playground.


Meichelle said...

Hi! I found your blog through blogger and just wanted to tell you how cute your little family is! I have a blog, I am hosting a bunch of baby and family giveaways. You should check it out!

JCZ said...

Hello Dear! I just got your note today and logged on and I'm so sorry I can't just snatch up your gorgeous babies and kiss those lovely cheeks! You'll have to do it for me! We'll talk soon! Promise! Jen Z