Saturday, August 8, 2009

Humpty-Dumpty and all the Kings Men

shhhh...Soren is taking the very rare nap...

Both Ingrid and Soren have changed so much over the last couple of months. I haven't had a chance to update things on my blog... it seems that things get busier with every step Ingrid learns to take. Also, we are outside every chance we get... riding bikes, walks in the neighborhood, playground playdates, and explorations into the backyard have become our summer routine. Ingrid obviously has changed a good deal because she has learned to walk! It's dangerous, because she has no idea where she is headed and still falls a lot, but she is very determined. Soren has learned to use the potty, dress himself, take swimming lessons without Dad's help and ride his "balance" bike. In these pictures he is playing out his favorite nursery rhyme with these little figures... humpty dumpty is the egg and all the kings men can't put him back together.

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