Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sharing the Cozy Coop

I took these pictures today in our backyard. As I was taking them, I thought about siblings and the process of learning how to share. It wasn't so long ago that these pictures would not have been possible because Soren did not want to share his car (or anything else) with Ingrid. He did fine sharing with friends, but when it came to his sister, he would not have it. He would cry so hard, saying "it's mine, but it's miiiieeennee!!" Often time I have the "thing" they both want, Soren trying to wiggle on one knee and Ingrid on the other...Soren would say to Ingrid, "there is room for everybody!"close to crying, but not wanting to. After a lot of reassuring, explaining, comforting (and I'm afraid yelling), Soren seems to have come around to the idea that he can share something with Ingrid and this sharing can be enjoyable.

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