Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baby books

I found these baby books for Ingrid, but Soren has enjoyed looking at them too.  He likes to "read" them to Ingrid, and she seems to enjoy his attention.  Observing their relationship develop has been a huge joy to me.  I did not expect this. Ingrid lights up when Soren enters the room, she literally bends over backwards to watch his antics.  And Soren is so protective of Ingrid, when she's taking a long nap, he'll perk up and say, "where's Ingrid, should we check on her?" (He's parroting me here, I am often "checking" on Ingrid.) It may sound corny, but sometimes I feel like they knew each other in a previous life, they are so familiar with each other.  Of course, I know they will have their challenges ahead (what siblings don't!), but for now, they love each other unconditionally, innocently, as only little children can. 

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