Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ta Da!

Ingrid is like our own little Christmas ornament!  She enjoyed watching us run around, putting up lights and hanging the decorations. Soren is at the best age for enjoying this time of year. This morning I found him sitting at the tree gently touching and turning the ornaments he likes the best.  It hasn't snowed yet here, but I was thinking to myself that now that our tree is up, it can get cold and snow - we're cozy inside and can sit around our tree and enjoy the sparkle. 

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thamesarino said...

she is SOOO cute!! and I agree that Soren is a great age b/c I think Sophia is too! She talks about getting a tree every day!! I am a little worried about what Roscoe will do to our tree this year, though...he's a little climber and a stinker to boot.. we have a really heavy duty tree stand so that should help... but I'm thinking we might nedd to tie the tree to the wall for the first time this year!! : )