Thursday, November 13, 2008

fire fighters and bean plants

Every day I notice that Soren is less of a "toddler" and more like a preschooler.  We have fun conversations which usually start out with some kind of question he has about something.  He'll ask me something like, "where is the moon and stars?"  And we'll talk about day, night, the earth turning and so on... He's been asking me some pretty neat questions lately, you can see the wheels turning in his head.  He seems particularly curious about weather (maybe because it's quickly turning colder!!).  The funny thing is he thinks I'm in charge of the weather, he's been asking me to make it snow - when I tell him I can't do that, he does not seem convinced.  Another "theme" lately has been fire fighters.  This costume is the first thing he puts on and the last thing he takes off every day.  He knows everything about fire fighters (via the dozens of books we've picked up at the library).  He says "I need to put on my study boots," he calls his costume his "gear," and now refers to his bed as his "bunk."  Sometimes he runs around saying "car on fire!!" and pretends to spray water out of a hose.  
Soren's also been asking me a lot recently about our "old house."  He'll say "where's our old house? Who's there?"  I'm not sure what answer he is seeking, but I'll ask him, "where did we move from?" and he'll say "Pennsylvania!, but who's in our old house?"  I'm not sure if he so much misses our old house, but is more curious about how someone else can be living there now.  
I found a neat book at the library about garden projects for little kids - one of the projects is growing various beans.  Kind of as a  "science project," Soren and I planted beans and as you can see they took off.  A little bit of green in the winter!

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thamesarino said...

oh my goodness I can't beleive that he is so big already!! it always amazes me how kids keep growing even though I'm not watching it! he is so handsome in that last picture and he certainly is looking more like a big boy!! I'm glad to see you guys seem so happy there!